Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Best Lean Thinker (for us)

Events in your Lean, Kaizen, 5S, TPM
or continuous improvement, are
inspiration from the best.

Read interviews and famous phrases
of those who have had great

Here are the 4 points of the vision
Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.

1. The importance of the customer:
"I assure you that the reason why there is this Amazon. We always put the customer ahead of everything .. "
"Taking care of customers, you can solve many other problems."

2. The importance of the invention:
"Whenever we have a problem with Amazon, trying to find the solution and invent ..."
"You will have to invent on the basis of what you say, on the basis of their needs"

3. Think long term:
"It takes 5 to 7 years for any of the fruits of our initiatives of business benefits"

4. Every day is the first day:
"Every day there is always something new to invent the future. Some news for customers, new ways of giving their attention "

LeanLab Staff.


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