Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lean and Safety

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Which is the link between Lean and Safety?

This book by Dragan (digital only) clarifies
in a simple and practical way which
is the link between Lean Manufacturing and Safety.

A multimedia text, image-rich,
clear examples and tests to be done in the company.

A valuable book for both experts in Lean, 5S and TPM
is for people who want to approach
to this new way to experience work and the company.

We in the LeanLab bought, read and
now I highly recommend it.

Lean and Safety

LeanLab Staff

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Is Your Shop Like This?

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Just a real example of a very well organized shop.
This could be an image to refer to when you start
a 5S or Kaizen Event.

This is a commercial shop but you have to imagine
that it is a possible to have the same aspect
in a mechanical department or any other industrial department.

Try to do have the same effect, we think that any
worker in the world like to work in such environment.

Try now!

LeanLab Staff.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Mission - Lean by Examples

Dear Readers,

This is a simple post just to draw
which is the mission of this blog.

In few points:
  • Explain Lean by Examples (Real or Exercises)
  • Less Words more Pictures
  • If it is too complicated is no Lean
We hope this can help you to follow us
in the right manner.

LeanLab Staff.

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