Saturday, November 16, 2013

Reorder Point Exercises - The Book

Finally a book with 10 solved exercises to really understand
how to calculate the "Reorder Point"

To have the right amount of stock in the warehouse
is one the most challenging task in the Lean Thinking.

In this book you will find 10 exercises with an increasing
difficulty level to lead you step by step to the complete understanding
of the "Reorder Point".

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

How to determine Reorder Point - Software

The Reorder Point is the stock level that say to the buyer/planner that is time to refill the stock.

  • How to determine Reorder Point?
  • Which is the best "Inventory Level" to mantain?
  • How to determine the safety stock to prevent stock-out?
  • The delivery frequency has impact on the stock level?
The Reorder Point software gives the answer to these and other questions on the Reorder Point.

A simple formula is implemented in our software to balance accuracy and time to calculate the reorder point.

The software is very easy to use:

In the Orange Cells put the data
In the Green Cells read the results

You can download the software here, it's free of charge.

LeanLab Staff.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Book of Lean Exercises - Takt Time

In the world of the very valid texts on Lean Manufacturing,
we have never found a book of exercises.

The LeanLab Staff decided to write this book as

compendium of the many texts of theory.

Solved Exercises on Lean Manufacturing Takt Time

to better understand applications.

Examples of what can happen in a real productive area.

The content of this little book (9 Pages) is a

short introduction and 9 exercises solved.

Other 9 exercises solved but not commented are

at the end of this book.

A new text in the landscape of books on Lean Manufacturing.

You can download the preview here.

The text (PDF electronic)

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