Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5S Method

The methodology allows the organization of the 5S
making a job orderly and functional.

Step 1: Sorting (Classification)
Maintain what you need and discard what is not needed.

Step 2: Set in Order (To give an order)
Place the working tools close to
the place where they must be used,
with clear labels and ergonomically.

Step 3: Shining (Clean)
Keep the workplace clean daily.

Step 4: Standardize
To standardize the operations of reorganization of the workplace.

Streamline the job save space and pushing ergonomics.

Step 5: Sustain (Support)
After the first four stages should be monitored daily or weekly work. 

We must spread the method in other areas adjacent
to those affected by the 5S methodology.

For all these steps will be helpful check-lists to be applied strictly.

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