Monday, January 31, 2011

Make it simple!


Make things simple!

In a project of continuous improvement, 5S, TPM or
Lean Manufacturing have the courage to put
simple questions and expect simple answers.

"No excuses 

Example not Lean:
Q: After 5S, is the department ordered?
A: There is still something to improve, the
operators do not always participate in the
events and do not compile correctly
the check-list.

Lean Example (Target to be reached):
Q: After the department has ordered 5S?
A: Yes

Example not Lean:
Q: After the TPM the machine work?
A: If the machine heat 45 minutes and
if we leave the cabinet open, yes.

Lean Example (Target to be reached):
Q: After the TPM the machine work?
A: Yes

With the objective of simple questions
and expecting simple answers, there will be
a method to successfully prosecute
continuous improvement.

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Thank you!
LeanLab Staff

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